WHAT IS FeatherLog ?

Soupèse FeatherLog is an integrated solution that addresses the challenges of weighing and collecting catching data at remote farms.

It provides to poultry integrators with a mobile a Bluetooth connected scale and a sophisticated, yet simple to use mobile application to automate data acquisition.

Transactions are safely transferred securely to the administration center on a Cloud based platform, accessible anytime and anywhere.

Why FeatherLog?

Express Invoicing

Get paid faster by automating and accelerating invoice.


Go Digital by choosing a paperless process for efficiency and environment saving.


No more mistakes. Embrace accuracy and optimize business results.

Cost Savings

Increase your mid and long term profitability but using tool designed to help you work better.

Less Tampering

Avoid damages or make unauthorized alterations.

No Network Coverage Required

Powerful and Intelligent technology that is not dependent to Network coverage. When network comes back, information goes through.


Mobile Data Acquisition Device

One word: easy. We worked closely with users from drivers to helpers at the farm to deliver the most user-friendly application in the market. In no time, users adopt the application and accelerate data acquisition.

Connected Scale

Latest technologies are applied to connect our scale, wireless with the Mobile Data Acquisition Device.

Cloud based ERP

A comprehensive Entreprise Resource Planning (ERP), accessible 24/7 to make your work easier and get insightful real-time report on you activities.


Everything can be tailored to suit your specific needs and objectives.

Multiple Business Operation

Designed to adapt to the way you operate your business.

Portable Printing

Specific portable printing device that allows you to print Delivery Orders in remote anytime, anywhere.