Machine-to-machine applications (M2M) such as ATM, self-service banking and retail Kiosks, industrial data acquisition (SCADA), digital media Display or distributed Point-of-sales (POS) often face the challenge of last mile connectivity due to lack of fixed line connectivity or right of use for such service and often long lead-time to establish the connexion. More over these M2M applications are critical to your business and can’t afford to be off-line or its data to be intercepted.

SEAMConnect is designed to meet the requirement of these M2M applications. It enables their deployment anywhere, in just hours and provides an always on, fully secured and managed connectivity services for dedicated primary connectivity link or as a failover link to a main access.

SEAM Connect is an enhanced service of SEAM Cards and allows our customers to focus on their own business operations and data analysis and increase their customer’s satisfaction


Plug’n Play

Our router is already setup and configured. No hassle, no troubleshoot from your side. Just plug SEAM Connect to your machine and start managing it from your back-end!

Managed Services

We manage the data connectivity end-to-end for all your connected sites and machines.

And if you still want to be reassured, we crafted an user-friendly interface for real-time monitoring and reporting.

No Commitment

With our service based model, you do not need upfront investment. With our tailored plans, you chose the required level of services that match your business application.



Private Wireless Network using 3G and 4G GSM networks with low latency


with established VPN connections to our customer’s servers and clouds

Enterprise-grade Hardware

Robust and industrial grade hardware that drastically reduce non operating times

Highest Level of Support

With our 24/7 monitoring and less than 30′ respond time in average

We designed plans that suits your most specific needs.

Single Coverage
MYR200per month*
  • One time setup fee : MYR1,000
  • Single Coverage
  • Fixed IP
  • VPN
  • Plug and Play
  • - Private Network
  • - Server whitelist
  • - VPN and Fixed IP
  • - Monitoring Solution
  • - Traffic monitoring
  • - Alerts
  • - GPS
  • Router
  • - Ruggedised Metalic casing
  • - 2 LAN ports
Your project
  • We build bespoke plans to answer to your specific needs and objectives. Get in touch with our Sales team and you will be served amazingly.

* Fair usage policy ** Primary sim-card not included