Manage your SEAMCards from anywhere

SEAM Way is our online access to the M2M technology. M2M made as easy as possible with web 2.0 interface to manage your seamcards from anywhere.

M2M Services

  • Smart Web Portal
  • Real-Time Simcard Activation/Suspension/Reactivation
  • Provisioning
  • Custom Alert & Triggers (by time/usage)
  • Trouble Ticket Support Systems

Data Management Services

Over 10 years of innovation and R&D, our technology is helped successfully thousands of clients in Asia.

Billing & Invoicing Services

Multiple vendors have adopted the same wireless mesh network interface to provide a multi-supplier system to cities.

Coverage & Location Based Services

Astronomical clock and schedulers are stored in the Light Point Controller. As a result, light is switched ON, OFF and dimmed even when disasters on the network or when the photocell is dirty.