Do You Want to Know where are your SIM cards.. ?

cells2MY Evolution customers can access much more information with unique M2M SIM cards.

For example, each SIM cards can be positioned with Cell Location Technology  and mapped to a GPS position or an address.
This feature is very often used to provide a backup solution for our fleet tracking customers, but is also widely used for devices which do not have GPS chipset embedded.
Simple with only a few clicks, MY Evolution M2M customers have access to latest high-end technologies to retrieve Real-time information such as location details.

Our SIM cards are EVERYWHERE…

simplesimcardCrossing borders is easy with MY Evolution M2M SIM cards.
Why pay more than actual usage or buy local daily packs when your assets move or transit to another country.
If your device is only fraction of the time abroad, does it make sense NOT to be billed on that ratio ?
Have a look at our roaming options and you will see why only a M2M Service provider understands your true challenges.
MY Evolution SIM cards will access more than 300 operators in almost any country, and our customers are currently managing SIM cards all across Asia, as easy as if they were at home.
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