Case Study


Taking the guesswork out of herd health

We helped a wholesale livestock trader gain transparency and visibility of current and incoming stock levels

A wholesale live trader approached us due to issues they were having in relation to sensors that measure chicken headcount and weight. Due to systematic inaccuracies, inaccurate chicken weights and headcounts were causing disputes between themselves and their customers, and therefore affecting the speed of payment resolution as well. They wanted reliable coverage and streamlined device management to ensure everything was measured accurately.

Single & multi-network SIM Card

Providing stable network coverage in factory environments

IoT Management Platform

Efficient device management & SMS workflow

Data & Analytics Reporting

Accurate collection and reporting of key metrics

How our solutions help

After deploying our SIM cards into their devices and integrating our SEAMWAY IoT management platform, the client was finally able to get an accurate read from their devices. This drastically reduced fraud and inaccurate reporting as the data was now reliable. Ultimately, the client was able to forecast stock inventories better and sped up payment resolutions, which led to less disputes with suppliers.

The Results

Remote Coverage Reliable multi-network coverage
Immediate Reporting Send production information to all stakeholders in the supply chain
One Data Point Accurate financial compensation
90% Fraud Reduction Eliminate most instances of human error or tampering