Case Study

Smart Lock

GPS Tracking and Lock Solution

Enabling cross border connectivity and secure control

A local logistics management firm in the business of transporting high value goods approached us to improve their connectivity and communication systems. Previously, there was no secured way to remotely give instructions to their containers’ locks. Furthermore, instructions sent by SMS could not be traced by device or user, causing severe workflow flaws and opening up room for fraud and tampering.

Cross-border connectivity

Reliable, multi-network coverage

SMS Workflow Service

Secure way to remotely give instructions

Secure Operational Control

Control over user access and communication points

How our solutions help

After visiting their premises and understanding the overall workflow of each stakeholder, the MY Evolution team devised a solution that provided a secured way to control and limit workers’ access and allow them to remotely give instructions to the container lock. Operation managers could now assign who can send and receive SMS and to which devices, which became essential for employee monitoring.


The added flexibility allowed them to instantly activate and deactivate SIM cards, remove and add users, and prevent outside users from sending SMS within the system. Our client was able to reduce fraud considerably and produce accurate data for the purpose of reporting to their clients. Our solution also improved their communication flow which led to less uncertainties and disputes.

The Results

Secure Coverage Enabling remote access to locks
Complete Control Over device assignments and SIM activation
Full Transparency via traceable and auditable SMS reports
Reduced Fraud Overall reduction in instances of fraud/tampering