Case Study

Smart Water Management System

Enabling macro-level water supply and distribution management

Our solution enabled a national utilities provider to meet government-set KPIs across the board

We partnered with a national water concession company that was suffering from coverage issues in remote areas for their water tracking devices. Poor stability in coverage led to time-consuming and costly maintenance with the problems eventually recurring. Additional difficulties included the management of a large quantity of SIM cards and interoperability of the SIM cards with legacy devices.

Mix single & multi-network SIM Card

Providing stable network coverage in remote areas

IoT Management Platform

Efficient device management & SMS workflow

Data & Analytics Reporting

Accurate collection and reporting of key metrics

How our solutions help

We worked extensively with the client team to understand how their water supply and monitoring systems work and determined effective M2M connectivity solutions that would address their pain points. Our mix of single and multi-network SIM cards solved the problem of unstable network coverage in remote areas as it was customised to meet specific client requirements.

Coupled with the SMS workflow system and IoT management platform, data bottlenecks were removed that previously caused information loss. We also introduced an SMPP server-to-server platform to streamline traffic. Overall, our solutions helped our client meet government-set KPIs on various metrics, while also improving operations and performance of their infrastructure network.

The Results

Remote Coverage Reliable, enhanced network coverage
96% Device Responsiveness Ensure continuous operations and device stability
100% Traceability Easily pinpoint device specifics and view data logs
100% Replay of Data Data is preserved even in cases of application failure