Happy CNY 2019 ! 10 Years Already!

07 Feb 2019

SG/MY Feb 2019:

To all our customers, we wish you a Happy Chinese New Year 2019 !

This year we will celebrate our 10th year of operations in Malaysia and Singapore. MY Evolution was born in 2009 when IoT (Internet of Things) was not even a thing ! We had the ambition to provide communication solutions to companies growing their remote operations in the Asian region. Local support, comprehensive technology, cross borders static IP and location, Traffic Filtering, VPNs and IP whitelists were tough concepts to explain by then.

MVNOs Industry Summit Asia 2013 Conrad Hotel Bangkok Thailand
2010 MY Evolution Tools and Services to Enable Smart M2M Solutions

Initially providing solutions, we decided in 2011 to provide all thoses services as a Telecom provider. We partnered with network providers across the region to provide the services most our customers enjoy today embedded in 2G/3G/4G simcards, managed routers & Lora equipments. Easy to start, improved controls and deployment friendly were key elements in our efforts to provide pioneer technologies.

2011 - MY Evo Telco Launch
2011 – MY Evo Telco Launch

On our way to success, we came across smart customers from various horizons that had a similar vision, who knew that managing thousands of remote assets is not an easy challenge without expertise and technology to support those deployments. To all those customers in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Dubai, we are thankful of your support and your trust in us to serve you months after months for almost 10 years !

2013 MY Evolution M2M Challenge – MDEC Cyberjaya Auditorium for the Internet of Things
2017 - Happy Customers Event
2017 – MY EVO Happy Customers Event

Over time, thanks to your support, we have expanded with more IoT solutions in Logistics, Security, Manages Services, and Agriculture. We opened multiple countries operations and still growing.

2015 - IOT Presentation to Datuk Seri Dr Salleh Said Keruak, Minister of Communication
2015 – IoT Presentation Minister Communication

This year 2019, we will be cooking something great as appreciation to all our customers to celebrate together our 10th year !

Gong Xi Fa Cai !!

Happy CNY
Happy CNY 2019


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