Launch of a New M2M Service Provider

28 Sep 2011

Digi and MY Evolution collaborate to launch Malaysia’s first M2M MVNO service

Shah Alam, 28 September 2011: DiGi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd (DiGi) and MY Evolution Sdn Bhd (MY Evolution) today introduced Malaysia’s first Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) service. The new service enables communication for machines and devices using DiGi’s network.

DiGi’s Head of Strategy and Business Transformation, Christian Thrane said the partnership is timely especially given the government and private sector’s push to stimulate demand and growth in the domestic M2M market.

The global M2M communications market is predicted to experience a growth spurt in the coming years, with 31% of growth contributed by the Asian region. According to Frost & Sullivan, M2M connections in Asia Pacific (APAC) are expected to reach 116.6 million by 2015 from 20.8 million recorded last year. In addition to China and India, the Malaysian market is expected to grow faster than the APAC average.

“The M2M market in Malaysia, while still in its nascent stages, already exhibits huge potential. According to analysts, growth in the M2M communications market is expected to represent RM200million with more than 2 million connected devices by 2015. This is a considerable market we can potentially tap into.”

Thrane said the collaboration with MY Evolution showed that MVNO partnerships continue to be part of the company’s business strategy.

“The M2M business is a market driven by industry verticals where MY Evolution as an MVNO can complement DiGi’s strategy by offering industry solutions. MVNO partnerships give us an additional revenue stream by addressing underserved customer segments. We have invested in dedicated resources, including a team with relevant industry experience tasked to support the MVNO business. With our existing infrastructure, I believe we will be successful in this space in the coming years.”

Through this deal, MY Evolution will ride on DiGi’s infrastructure to provide end-to-end M2M communications services that enable the applications and its devices.

MY Evolution’s Managing Director, Philippe Buriot said, “The M2M market in Asia has already started to grow at a faster pace and customers now need industry-focused products and services. Asia is going to contribute significantly to the M2M expansion in the next few years, where APAC revenue will increase from RM 2.2 billion today to more than RM 7.6 billion in 2015, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 27%.”

MY Evolution’s focus is to propose business-oriented and tailor-made rate plans, as well as adapted workflows to device life-cycles with real-time monitoring and control tools. Data ∓ Connectivity technology make possible for all application providers to setup and control their devices in a costefficient way and in a secured environment. To make these high-end technologies available to all application providers, MY Evolution has decided to offer these solutions as a service.

Philippe added, “What differentiates us from other players in the market is our ability to customize our services and pricing to each customer instead of providing a one-size-fits-all package. For example, some customers have very long period of stock for their devices, others have incredible low usage needs and some require additional security to avoid sending their information over the Internet. Therefore we can improve the overall costs with the right services and pricing based on their specific requirements.”

My Evolution’s simcards enable machines to communicate with each other remotely, securely and are easily integrated with customers’ existing systems. The highly customizable features enable MY Evolution to deliver to customers valuable information from a business-adapted system, contributing to increase operational efficiency as well as reducing their time-to-market.

Finally Philippe said that “With this partnership, we are launching our Malaysian operations as the first M2M MVNO in South-East Asia, to focus exclusively its technology, data access and know-how to enable all application providers and enterprises that need machine-to-machine communications.”

Download the Press Release: 20110928_Press_Release_MY_Evolution_to_launch_first_M2M_MVNO

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