MY Evolution Tracks Rain Forest Challenge Race with Tramigo

30 Nov 2012

NEWS RELEASE: Tramigo and MY Evolution collaborate to launch Malaysia’s first M2M Cloud service

Melaka, 30 November 2012: Tramigo Malaysia announces the launch of its Tramigo Fleet Cloud using MY Evolution Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Cloud services. The new service enables Tramigo customers to check location of their vehicles anytime, anywhere from an easy to use web interface served by MY Evolution.

Tramigo’s T22 tracking device will be using MY Evolution SIM Cards to allow all the users to track the Rainforest-Challenge vehicles through the jungles using the brand new T22OEM always-on unit. This device has the biggest memory capacity in the business and is benefiting from the Tramigo Landmark Data (TLD), which turns difficult coordinates and complicated maps into language that everybody easily understands.

Tramigo Malaysia’s Country Manager, Markku Ranin said the Rainforest-Challenge this year is for our customers the ideal event to experience our Tramigo T22 Device with the Tramigo Fleet Cloud service in extreme use.

“The M2M business is a market driven by industry verticals where MY Evolution can play a vital role by providing dedicated Machine-to-Machine communication services such as the M2M Cloud to help the different business verticals to achieve their targets, said Ren Arbefeuille, Commercial Director of MY Evolution.

From now on, all Tramigo T22 devices sold in Malaysia will include a SIM Card and a free use of Tramigo Fleet Cloud Server both provided by MY Evolution, for real time tracking in Malaysia. The device comes with 2 year warranty from Finland, the device sends you its location and status directly to the server and lets you track your family or company vehicles anywhere in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Australia, Hong-Kong, Taiwan and China. The service will be extended in more and more countries.


About MY Evolution

MY Evolution is the first Machine-to-Machine (M2M) telecom operator in Asia, which provides specifically adapted Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Data Access and Connectivity Solutions embedded as a Service. With a wide range of services specialized to enable the best M2M cost-savings experience for business customers to manage communication between their IT systems and remote communicating equipment, MY Evolution provides wide 3G/GPRS/EDGE/SMS coverage, real-time monitoring solutions, fully managed 24/7 by our operational team, and support from our M2M experts.

MYEvo provides Tailor-Made pricings, Real-time provisioning and monitoring, secured network and static IPs Connectivity and M2M Cloud Services along with M2M simcards & Data Access, which are dedicated to the specific needs of Application Providers from various segments, such as providers of Fleet Management, Smart-Metering, Payment Solutions, Resources & Back-Bone Monitoring, and Industrial applications. For more information please visit

About Tramigo

Tramigo manufactures, markets and distributes GPS/GSM tracking devices worldwide for vehicle and personal security; as well as fleet and asset management. We’re a world leader in the GPS/GSM tracking industry with a strong presence in Africa, Asia, Europe, Middle-East and Latin America; and our products are sold in over 120 countries.

Our business is bringing advanced telematics (GPS tracking combined with wireless communication) products to the consumer market. Our Tramigo product allows consumers to track the location and manage their vehicle with their mobile phone and be notified when unexpected events such as a kidnapping, accident or break-in occur. Our product is positioned as the next generation car alarm silent with features that are useful every day, not just when a theft is attempted. For more information please visit

For media enquiries, please contact Ren Arbefeuille at +6012 278-6429 or and Markku Ranin, at +60126952066 or

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