Smart Streetlight solutions are the ideal complement to LED retrofit, to save more energy while being in control at anytime, from anywhere.

It saves energy while increasing the safety in the street, enhancing maintenance efficiency, reducing maintenance costs and, only if the selected wireless networking technology allows, it offers the city with a wireless canopy to connect many other smart city devices, reducing budget and enhancing services for citizens.

Why Intelligent Street Lighting?

More safety

For citizens, pedestrian and drivers: lamp failures, day burners, cycling lamps, high/low voltage, low power factor as well as other electrical issues are automatically identified to enable faster and more efficient maintenance. The number of onsite maintenance trips should be divided by two and the maintenance crew shall know what parts to bring with them.

+50% energy savings

on roadway, street, tunnel, highway, residential and pedestrian lighting: programming lamp dimming to the right light level at the right time drastically reduces energy consumption. With the proposed solution, the Streetlight Control Center will dim any light point individually or by group to any level (stepless dimming) and at any scheduled time (based on sunrise/sunset or a fixed time), based on external environmental or traffic conditions.

Control and visibility

Authorized persons from the city and the contractor will check any situation on any streetlight from anywhere at any time before triggering any onsite operation. In addition, the real time map-based interface shall enable you to act remotely on any single streetlight to drastically reduce the number of onsite trips and associated CO2



Wireless mesh network based on the standardized IPv6 technology to interconnect, control and monitor all your light points with the Central Management Software.

Robust and proven

Over 10 years of innovation and R&D, our technology is helped successfully thousands of clients in Asia.

Multi-supplier solution

Multiple vendors have adopted the same wireless mesh network interface to provide a multi-supplier system to cities.

Backup lighting system

Astronomical clock and schedulers are stored in the Light Point Controller. As a result, light is switched ON, OFF and dimmed even when disasters on the network or when the photocell is dirty.